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Company Profile

Being a Craftsman, a sportsman and an Englishman obsessed with the beauty of antique objects, I have repeatedly been drawn back to my lathe, workbench and sewing machine in order to make equipment with which to play and enjoy sport and games. Many of the objects that I have made and used have been seen by others who have commissioned me to make the same for them. Often it is so that they too can use them for their intended purpose; to play sport. Many however have wished to have these hand-crafted items to enjoy purely as an interesting or even beautiful, decorative object.

Global Sports and Vintage Merchandise Ltd. has been launched so as to offer a wide range of sporting equipment and wooden Garden games, as well as a bespoke service so that clients’ own requests can be brought to reality. We have the manufacturing capability to produce very large quantities of most sporting equipment or wooden games when requested, be it presented in an antique finish or as new. All of our “Vintage” sporting goods are designed for use, even if the customer chooses to simply use them for decoration!